'...is an innovative hospitality operations company specializing in dispersed, 

stand-alone properties and dedicated to bringing the hotel experience

to where you want to stay'

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Aquila Hospitality is a next generation hospitality company, specializing in the management of unique and dispersed assets, bringing the consistency of quality and service of premium hotels to the dream location of the traveler. Managing high quality, privately held properties for short and midterm stays, we allow our guests to shape their travel experience, by choosing the atmosphere, environment and the level of service they desire for a truly curated and bespoke visit.

Bringing you the best of both worlds, the things you love about premium and luxury hotels, tied it in with the authenticity of individual hosted spaces, Aquila Hospitality is soon to launch a new and unique hospitality framework for the travelers to Dubai and beyond.

As an engaged partner of the local environment, Aquila Hospitality builds relationships with local businesses to ensure our guests get services and products with an authentic local flavor. Our mission is to go beyond traditional paradigms, as our concept expands and gains a higher profile in the crowded hospitality sector, we aim to promote the culture and values of the cities in which we have a presence.

Aquila Hospitality’s flagship brand is ATLAS Homestay Concept, initially focusing on managing high-end properties in some of Dubai’s most desirable locations, taking advantage of the continued exceptional growth of the local hospitality sector in the city, with plans to export the model to international markets.

Aquila Hospitality is part of the Ayana Holdings group of companies.




Email: info@aquilahospitality.com
Phone: +971 4 370 8909


Bin Lahej Building

Zabeel 9B Street,

P.O. Box 122751 Dubai - UAE